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How vapor save your life and wallet if you are a smoker

Magic Juice Shop

Over the years we’ve met some pretty cool business owners who were able to travel the world in style and make money from their website. It all started when we saw them puffing on this tiny devices that produced what appeared to be smoke. After asking them politely, they said that these were actually a battery powered mod that heats up a liquid that contains nicotine. This allowed them to quit smoking tobacco years ago that gave them a bad case of the chronic cough. They even said after using this particular device, they stopped having those bad cough and they could breath much easier. The other cool thing is they’ve been able to make income on the side helping others like them quit tobacco too!

One of the things that allowed them to quit was having some really good brand of ejuice. Which is the type of liquid that the mini heater vaporizes to give them the smoke affect without all the negative side effects such as tar and carcinogens from tobacco. The brand they used is from Magic Juice Shop, a Premium nicotine containing liquid made in the USA. They said that they were able to get off cigarettes within a matter of 30 days, and been off of it for over 5 years. It’s pretty amazing how something so simple can be so effective when so many others have tried to quit and failed through traditional methods such as the nicotine gum or patch.

Since they had to travel everywhere, it did not stop them from buying their liquid of choice by their website to Buy Magic Juice which is shipped worldwide. The thing about switching to vape is its almost like tobacco where one usually would have a cigarette brand of choice that you are used to. It is almost the same for vape as once you get used to a certain flavor and nicotine strength, you tend to stick to your favorite brand, almost religiously.

The other thing we thought was amazing was that not only were they able to quit smoking, they also started an online business to Sell Magic Juice through their website and blog. This allows them to make good income all behind their laptop computers while they get to travel exotic places around the world and sharing their experiences online. In this technology and information age, people can use the internet to market products that they feel passionate about and earn a living to get away from their normal day jobs. We believe this is the ultimate freedom and wealth.

We think that the ability to travel the world anytime and anywhere is true wealth. The reasoning behind that is because most people are tied to their job they normally would work 40-50 hours a week and yet not have any money to travel. To be able to help others quit something as dangerous as tobacco is truely powerful, and they are making great income with only part time work by having all their online businesses automated through a drop shipping warehouse.

How traveling the world and running a business can work for you

Menton - Travel

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I know some of you have probably read Tim Ferris’s 4-hour work week and also wonder how some people can actually live their dreams. A lot of folks nowadays probably went to school until adulthood. They then get a job so that they can work for 40 years and save up for retirement so they can ultimately, travel. The problem that people have when it comes to experiencing things worldwide anytime they want is because they think it’s too far out of reach of their budget. However, we’ve met hundreds of people who have been able to quit their job, start a automated business, while traveling the world.

You see, there’s a simple story about a successful attorney who went to a beach in Mexico for a nice warm vacation. He met a local fisherman down by the beach and ask him what he did for a living. The fisherman said he fishes, and everyday he goes out to catch some fish, bring some home to his family where they bbbq the fish, drink tequila, and dance to some music. He wakes up the next day and does the same thing again. The attorney was stunned by this and told him, “you seem to have much success fishing these waters and only catching a fish a day for yourself, but have you ever wondered if you could go and start a fishing business and make lots of money for you and your family’. The Local looked at him in awe. He asked the Attorney what his dreams are. The lawyer said, I want to make lots of money to prepare for retirement so I can keep traveling the beaches of the world, eat bbq, and be happy with my family. The Local then said, “amigo, I am already living my dreams here where I get to do what I love which is fishing, where I want to be, and spend the rest of my days laughing and dancing with my family; I am already living my dreams. There is no point for me to go through all the trouble of starting a business and do all that stuff to go back to doing what he already loves.” The attorney was shocked by this, since it never occurred to him that he never really enjoyed being a lawyer, he only did it for the money, so that he can one day be like this local. However, this local already had everything he wanted, and he never had to go to law school.

The big wake up call is most people have this same mindset. They think they need loads of money saved up in order to go on these vacations we believe that only movie stars, celebrities, and professional athletes. However, you will find simply that traveling if done correctly can be very affordable, and may even provide more luxury living for less than what you’re paying now. The only problem is how will you keep the bills paid? The answer, start an business online that will pay you whether you are asleep or going on your next excursion. To start off, Tim Ferris taught English oversea where he made $3,000 per month part time while he worked on his blog, wrote his book, all while traveling in the most exotic places and eating the best foods, for a fraction of what it cost in the states. It’s time you live your dreams too and start doing what you love! We suggest doing some research by learning travel guides and flights, and starting your business first by learning from others who have already done so.